Sports Injury Rehabilitation

People often don’t know how to access the strong muscles of the body, hips and legs which can result in injury. We work with patients on basic functional movements (through treatment, education and exercise) in order to generate power and strength and return an individual to a functional level before the injury, and ultimately with a bit of education and instruction better than before.

Muscle tears or strains, ligament damage or sprains, occur frequently and impact all the key joints and muscles – shoulders, elbows, knees, back, arms, ankles and feet. Repetitive strain injuries from overuse and misuse – over and incorrect training – all these factors can lead to an injury.

Whether you are on the field or getting to the field – your preparation for sport or in your sport activity you can get hurt. To “fix” an injury isn’t as simple as – well, if X is the injury, then Y is the treatment – there isn’t one remedy that will fix all patients. We look at the injury and design Sports Injury Rehabilitation specifically for that patient and their injury.

No matter what type of athletic activity you are involved in we are able to assist in getting you to your peak functioning performance. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete we have seen most injuries. Our goal is to ensure our patients become efficient in using their body to optimize strength, power and endurance.