Kinesiologist / Personal Training

Group Core Stability Training

A Healthier, Stronger YOU


City View Chiropractic presents our first group Therapeutic Exercise sessions – Kinesiologist / Personal Training!

Dr. Hardie and our clinic’s personal trainer Andrew Kowalczyk will be working together to teach you the fundamentals of proper movement, and to reduce the pain and strain associated with bad movement patterns. Classes will be focused on restoring balance, alignment and symmetry to your body by improving stability and mobility.

Come and join us to jump start your conditioning program. We can’t wait to see you there!




Andrew Kowalczyk is a successful personal trainer based in Mississauga.

Andrew graduated from York University in 2005 with a Kinesiology Degree. In his years of teaching and training, Andrew has developed a unique methodology of fitness training which focuses on developing whole-body functional strength. He focuses on full body strengthening, correcting muscle imbalances and developing core strength. By combining these training methods and his personalized approach, clients improve performance in everyday tasks, recreational activities and injury prevention.

Training focuses on strengthening the individual’s body segments, correcting muscle imbalance and developing core strength. Training intensity progresses gradually and consistently. By combining the strength gains, increasing flexibility and improving cardiovascular function training adaptations result in easier performance of everyday tasks, recreational activities as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation. Over the years, with a personalized approach to each of his clients’ specific needs, Andrew’s training practices produce optimal gains in all of their fitness pursuits.

Andrew teaches the group classes that we offer and he does One on One training for clients as well.

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