Complete Concussion Management (CCMI™)

Complete Concussion Management is a network of trained multidisciplinary healthcare practitioners that collaborate with physicians to co-manage concussion injuries, helping patients and athletes safely return to learn, work and play.



Through Complete Concussion Management our clinic is certified to diagnosis, treat and manage concussion and post concussion syndrome. We offer return-to-sport guidelines, return-to-school guidelines, concussion treatments and baseline testing.

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Historically, patients with concussions were told to rest, rest, rest. And when that didn’t work, they were told to rest some more.

The research on concussions is evolving at an exponential rate and we are realizing that prolonged rest not only doesn’t work; it can actually make it worse.

Sadly, many healthcare practitioners are not keeping up with the explosion in concussion research and are still telling their patients that the only treatment for concussion is rest. If you have fallen victim to this, you don’t need more rest; you need a second opinion.



While it is true that during the early stages following injury, rest is still absolutely necessary, that timeline seems to be getting shorter, with longer duration rest creating worse outcomes for patients. So, if you have been resting for more than a week or two and are still having significant symptoms, it’s time to switch it up. More rest is likely contributing to your ongoing symptoms.

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The CCMI concussion baseline test is a comprehensive, multimodal series of physical and cognitive tests. Other organizations may use a single test or a small group of tests whereas we use a variety of tests, which offer more objective insights, data, and improved accuracy and reliability.

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