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5 Tips For Fast Recovery After a Sports Injury

There’s no denying that an active lifestyle is beneficial to a person’s overall health; however, sports can be physically demanding on the human body, especially for athletes who consistently push the boundaries of their physical capabilities. Incorrect training, poor diet, inadequate sleep and muscular overuse can all increase the risk of a sports injury.

Mississauga Sports Injury Recovery

Are you an athlete or a sports enthusiast experiencing pain or soreness in one or more areas of your body? Shorten your stay on the sidelines with these five recovery tips:

  1. Get diagnosed. In order to bounce back fast from a sports injury, you need a proper treatment plan, and the only way to get one is through a professional diagnosis. We all like to think we can just “walk it off,” but ignoring the pain can aggravate the injury and interfere with your athletic performance. Understanding the type of injury you have and how best to treat it is the most effective way to cut back on downtime.
  2. Rest up. Returning to athletic activity too soon can be detrimental to your physical well-being. During rest, your body works hard to repair damaged tissues and cells. Make sure to take enough time off to recuperate properly, no matter how bad you’re itching to get back in the game.
  3. Fuel your body. A nutrient-packed diet and plenty of hydration are crucial to a speedy recovery. Prioritize foods with healing properties. For example, foods containing omega 3 fatty acids (fish, eggs, soybeans, etc.) and zinc (spinach, beef, seafood, etc.) are potent anti-inflammatories, while protein is essential for muscle tissue repair.
  4. Commit to your rehab plan. Effective on muscle tears, ligament damage and sprains, among other types of injuries, sports injury rehabilitation uses basic functional movements to help an individual regain muscular strength, flexibility and range of motion. After diagnosis, the specialists at Cityview Chiropractic near Oakville, Ontario provide a tailored exercise plan to help patients return to their former athletic glory.
  5. Seek preventive care. The first few days back in the game are delicate. You’ll want to ease your way back into sports to give your body time to re-adjust to the physical effort. Many athletes seek regular chiropractic care to prevent (future) injury and improve neuromuscular strength for all-around better performance. Furthermore, chiropractic therapy is an effective treatment plan for back injury as it involves manual adjustments of the spine to reduce tension and improve mobility.

There isn’t one remedy that will fix all patients suffering from a sports injury. The length of time for recovery will ultimately depend on the degree of injury and the area affected. However, working with a medical practitioner can help speed up the healing process. Oakville’s trusted team of chiropractors treat discomfort at the source to minimize pain, increase joint function and improve overall health.

Don’t let injuries limit what you can do in the gym or on the field. Call City View Chiropractic near Oakville, Ontario to find out more about our range of treatment services, including sports rehabilitation, massage therapy, custom orthotics and chiropractic care. We’ll help you return to your active lifestyle, physically and mentally stronger than ever before.

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