There’s no denying that an active lifestyle is beneficial to a person’s overall health; however, sports can be physically demanding on the human body, especially for athletes who consistently push the boundaries of their physical capabilities. Incorrect training, poor diet, inadequate sleep and muscular overuse can all increase the risk of a sports injury.


Do you suffer from back pain? If you do you are not alone! Statistics have shown that 80% of North Americans’ will suffer a bout of back pain at some point in their lives. Now that’s a lot of discomfort!

Interestingly most of these back injuries can be attributed to the daily activities of life or better yet, lack of daily activity. Poor alignment, weak core muscles, prolonged sitting and standing, poor lifting techniques all lead to the wear and tear, strains and sprains as well as arthritic changes in the human body. Eventually over time, these factors add up and we in fact “earn” our injuries, such as Degenerative Disc Disease, Prolapsed or Herniated discs.

But not all back-pain sufferers are aware of the relief solutions available to them.